Large French mirror

Tall French mirror with decorative fronton. Plate is very slightly foxed. Price £825.

Eight Provencal rush seated chairs

Eight robust, oak, Provencal dining chairs with rush seats in excellent condition. 1930/40’s. Only two chairs retain a decorative apron but this in no way effects the stability of the remaining six chairs. Price £490 for the eight.

French farmhouse table

Fruitwood table from Auvergne. A very thick large central plank in it’s surround. Long drawers at either end. The top has a little scratching. Seats 8 – 10. Price £695.

French pharmacy containers

Three tall French pharmacy containers with wooden lid and base, the body of thick card. Original faded greeny colour. Price £45 each.

French desk with raised shelf

19th century French desk with separate shelf with decorative feet. Two drawers. Original paint. Price £495.

French gilded mirror with large fronton

Lavishly embellished 18th century gilt wood mirror. A large violin and other musical instruments form a musical motif on the fronton. Price £660.

French pharmacie bottles

Two French pharmacie bottles with etched labels and glass stoppers. Price £62 each.

English oak settle

19th century English oak settle. One arm has been removed in the past (probably to enable access behind a table) and the corner reinforced with a metal bracket. Price now £395.

Over at Station Mill this week

18th century broché books alongside large brass samovars, on a long Spanish side table.

Large French painted coffer

Substantial French coffer, later painted in a mushroomy grey. Pretty decorative frieze at the base. Now priced at £545.