German wardrobe (in two halves)

Substantial wardrobe, later painted in chalk paint with wax finish. One side for hanging, one side with shelves, and a hat shelf above. It will break down vertically into two halves if required. SOLD.


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Hello again Aud,

Well there’s definitely something wrong with my website as I am not getting the automatic updates to tell me someone has left a comment – I just noticed this one from you by chance as I am working on my website. So sorry about the previous delay!

The wardrobe is over at Station Mill and I don’t have the dimensions to hand unfortunately as I am travelling. However it is approximately 115 cm wide x 175 cm high, but breaks down if required into two halves (these are firmly wedged together so it is pretty robust.) Do you need absolute specific dimensions? Could you contact me via Instagram or directly via email ( Many thanks Aud, and sorry for my technological disarray! Gilli x

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