Just back from France

Back from France last night. Will get photos and info on website soon as possible. Armoires, a grey enfilade, buffets, interesting still lives and huge Spanish religious canvas, small tables, absinthe glasses, chandeliers and wall lights, bed sides and a lovely chicken wire bibliotheque, two piece buffet scraped to its original duck egg colour, with glazed doors above, trumeau and Louis Phililppe mirrors and more will soon be on sale. Meanwhile here are a few general pics to give the feel of France in Springtime with wisteria, jasmine, thyme, rosemary and lilac so fragrant in the little streets and gardens.20160503_09043320160429_15253120160429_12014820160430_10062920160424_17522720160425_19301020160423_10105020160427_12024920160423_08585020160428_21221720160427_12392520160427_11270320160425_19301020160427_18154220160427_181449