Selection of Stock

  • Long side table

    Hefty Spanish side table standing 99 cm high x 2.50 cm long x 62 cm deep. Possibly a marriage of two elements.  A striking and unusual piece. Price £1590.00

  • Blue metal pitchers

    Large metal pitchers painted blue. The closer one is Portuguese and watertight (£58), the one behind is Provencal and decorative only (£49).

  • Tall painted cupboard with shelves

    Painted cupboard (bluish grey) with working lock and key. New shelves added. 44 inches wide x 68.5 inches high x 19 inches deep. Price £465.

  • Normandy oak coffer

    Robust oak coffer from Normandy. Lovely piece, nice colour. Excellent storage capacity but not so deep you can’t find things at the bottom. The lid lifts on two metal loop hinges. 67cm high x 61.5 cm deep x 111.5 cm long. Price now £490.

  • Mid 20th century portrait of a man

    Northern European oil on board of a man in shirt sleeves and waistcoat. Unframed. 41 cm wide x 46 cm high. Price £74.

  • Giltwood decorative arch

    Spanish giltwood arch, with oval stating “this work was painted in the year of 1830.”  Price £345.

  • Pair of French balustrade lamps

    Pair of painted French oak balusters. New bases added and grey silk wired to become lamps. (OKA linen shades sold separately). Price for the pair of lamps £230.

  • Pair of Louis XVI style fauteuils

    Pair of French 19th century fauteuils in Louis XVI style. Newly reupholstered in vintage linen. Price £950 the pair.

  • French oak benches and pine trestle table

    Pair of sturdy French oak benches shown with a Spanish trestle table over 3 metres long. Benches £245 the pair. Table £625.

  • French giltwood and foxed mirrors

    18th and 19th century French mirrors and frame. From £290 to £530. (Frame with documents £85).

  • Small French sign

    Small sign from a biscuit and confectionery wholesaler, Jean David. Price £139.

  • French fauteuil in dark blue alpaca

    Classic French fauteuil with pretty scroll top, fully reupholstered and recovered in a super soft dark blue alpaca fabric. Price now £625.

  • French free standing metal shelf

    Decorative freestanding shelf of woven metal strips. Price £165.

  • Framed French illustration of harvest time

    French print of harvest scenes. New neutral frame and mount. Price £74.

  • Sarreguemines cups

    Sarreguemines coffee cups with grape motif. £8 each. Only four remaining.

  • Tall Italian chicken wire fronted cupboard

    Scraped back to original or early paint. This tall Italian cupboard breaks down, has one original and two new shelves, a working lock and key. Some restoration was required due to wear and tear over the years. Price £1600.00

  • Pair of French 18th century fauteuils

    Pair of comfortable French fauteuils, with original top fabric stripped and a layer of hessian stapled into place. £725 the pair.

  • Painted buffet from the Languedoc

    French buffet, solid oak, with marbled paint effect top. One internal shelf. Lock and key. 134 cm wide, 81 cm high, 62 cm deep. Price now £1,250.

  • Glazed tabernacle

    Glazed pine tabernacle with raised upstand. One pane of original glass remaining. 74 cm high x 43 cm wide x 43 cm deep. Price: £190.

  • Large metal urn

    A giant French urn made of light metal. Price £155.

  • French hand made glasses

    French hand made 19th century wine glasses.  (Only a few now remaining).

  • French wine cage

    French metal wine cage – with padlockable gate. Will hold around 90 bottles (two deep). Price £195.

  • Italian confit pots

    Italian confit pots from Puglia. The smaller, rarer ones would have been for preserving anchovies. From £58.

  • 18th century Italian vitrine

    20160921_141846Blue green vitrine with two shelves, one is shaped in a curve. Not demountable. Price now £875.

  • Pair of French gilt wood finials

    Soft gilded patina to a pair of carved finials. Approximately 20cm high. £62 the pair.

  • Italian double doored tall cupboard

    20160924_10011918th century Italian cupboard with three shelves and chicken wire panelled doors. Original warm yellow finish. Breaks down flat. (The back panels need to be screwed into place as they have lost their notches over the years). Price £1,785.

  • Broché books

    20160921_14153820161028_154830Many volumes of 18th and 19th century books available. The aqua turquoise set are an 18th century collection of French fairy stories – Le Cabinet des Fées. Price from £10 to £13 a volume.

  • Italian chandeliers

    20161028_154854One of three Italian chandeliers currently at Station Mill. This one has been rewired.

  • SNCF white and blue enamelled sign

    20160518_155549SNCF enamelled panel in good condition. This would have been placed at a level crossing. PRICE NOW £95.

  • Tall French trumeau mirror

    20160518_151126Impressive large trumeau panel with replacement mirror plate. 197 cm high x 133 cm wide. Now £995.

  • !8th century gilt frame French foxed mirror

    20160515_140059Worn and charming, a French mirror with a small hole made in the back where jewellery or money was hidden. Over the years retrieving fingers have worn the mirror plate. Price: £565.

  • Large Italian ceramic platters

    20160413_171029Large creamy yellow glazed platters from Puglia region of southern Italy. One of the three are remaining. Price from £110 each.

  • Long French wooden sign

    20160420_14121220160420_141204Reposting images of this beautiful French sign announcing Salle de Fetes, with the previous blue lettering grinning through. Promoting Biere du Pecheur at either end. Measuring 3 metres 67.5 cm by 51 cm. Price now £495.

  • Small Italian chandelier

    20160413_160818Pretty chandelier, with pearl bead detail. 69 cm high plus a long chain. The chandelier takes a single light bulb, has been rewired. Price £480.

  • Pair of 18th century brass fire dogs

    20160413_160638Pair of fire dogs. Price £120.

  • Small French glass fronted display cabinet

    20160304_15565520151128_151432The lining paper to this cabinet is a delight – remains of pictures of saints on a vivid blue paper with gold stars. The door is hinged on the left side and fixes with a hook on the right side. £190.<div style=”clear: both; font-size: 0px; height: 0px;”></div>

  • Pair of French cupboard doors


    This pair of cupboard doors have been painted in F&B Purbeck Stone. (They might be used as a bed head).  Price: £195.

  • 18th century gilt wood foxed mirror

    20151001_140055Utterly beautiful, eighteenth century French foxed mirror with wear to the mercury down the centre of the mirror. Gilt wood frame with decorative crest. 61 cm high x 49 cm widest. Price £725.

  • Pair of French wall sconces

    Heavy French wall sconces with swan’s head decorative features. Previous wiring has been removed to return them to candle sconces. Price £525.

  • Two Ottoman/early 20th century brass samovars

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese two large, heavy samovars (similar but not a pair) would have probably done service in an hotel.

    A pot of strong brewed tea was kept warm on the top and hot water added from the samovar. (Turkish tea needs stewing for at least twenty minutes.) A funnel inside transmits heat from charcoals beneath up through the water and to the tea pot.   Warm yellowy worn brass made in India for the Turkish market. Two handles to each and a spigot. 87 cm high x 55 cm wide. Repair at base of one, where it joins the foot. Price £1250.

  • Long wooden French Salle de Fete sign

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeautifully coloured wooden Salle de Fete sign (with previous paintwork grinning through) carrying promotions for La Biere du Pecheur (Fishmerman’s Beer) in tones of pale blue and pale brown.  51 cm tall and 3 metres 67 cm long. Price £545.

  • 18th century painted table on cabriole legs

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASturdy French 18th century chestnut table, fully treated and later painted in chalk paint – blue grey base and darker grey top – with wax finish. Decorative apron on all sides. 72.5cm high x 71cm deep x 120cm wide. Price: £495.

  • Large French over-mantel with shelf

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis over-mantel has been restored, and new mirror plate/beading fitted. Decorative columns and carved panels. Deep shelf above. It is a heavy piece and could be supported by something beneath or by a wall-fixed batten. Original grey paint with a little new paint touched in. Price now £225.

  • Huge wooden white painted balusters

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPair of one metre high pine balusters from France, later painted in an old white. Price: £695 for the pair.

  • 18th century French commode painted apricot rose

    comm 3comm 2

    Lovely French 18th century commode, very solid, with ample storage. It was painted many years ago in an apricot/rose colour with cream trim which has aged and distressed very nicely (but unfortunately the photograph does not do the colour justice). The handles would have been replaced at the same time. Price: £795.00.

  • 18th century French table de milieu

    table de milieuWonderful patina on this small French walnut table with two drawers at either end. Fine cabriole legs. Used for informal dining before the advent of the dining table. The top is composed of panels and the drawers carry a circular detailing around the handles. Dimensions: 82 cm wide by 53 cm deep by 68 cm high. Price: £2300.

  • French Louis XIV commode (1661-1715)

    loius 14th commodeA pleasing oak commode of ample proportions. The piece has four deep and wide drawers, with a gentle curve to the front, and brass handles and key plates.

    The commode became fashionable with the French aristocracy in the early 1600’s, replacing the coffer. Drawers offered ease of access to items, rather than having to delve to the bottom of one’s coffer. Commodes were designed to capture the attention. The Louis XIV style is characterised by it’s majestic and imposing lines. Dimensions: 124 cm wide by 64 cm deep x 88 cm high. Price: £4,950.