Sadie and Ollie: 10th August 2012

Thank you so much for looking at our wedding present page, which Gilli Hanna has very kindly created. We have coveted Gilli’s wonderful treasures for some time and Ollie is an avid reader of her blog. Should you wish to give us a present (and please do not for one minute feel that you have to), we would prefer that it is a contribution towards something that will stand the test of time, such as a painting or cupboard. The traditional wedding gifts of bedding (to be subjected to Ollie’s laundering skills) or white goods (to be treated to Sadie’s electrical prowess) are likely to be short-lived!”

We look forward to seeing you in August, if not before.
Ollie and Sadie


Sadie and Ollie have chosen some pieces that they’d love to have in their home. If you would like to purchase a part or all of an item, please email me to confirm the availability of a piece and how to make payment. They would be delighted with any gift – perhaps part of a cupboard at £25 or whatever might catch your eye. I will then email you a gift certificate to print off and present to them.

If you prefer to simply opt for a gift certificate at, say, £30 that can be applied against any item, just let me know.

Many thanks, Gilli

Framed watercolour of Sospel, France
c 1950’s watercolour of the village of Sospel, juat inland from Menton on the Cote d’Azur. Signed Sylvie Latatrerie-Beurier. New acid-free mount and backing. PURCHASED

Tall blue buffet cupboard. This cupboard is in its original 19th century blue paint, chalky patina and nicely worn. The cupboard door opens with a turn of the wooden peg. PURCHASED.

For example:
2 doors at £95 each
3 shelves at £45 each
2 sides at £55 each
1 back at £45
1 top at £85
1 base at £65
1 catch at £25
4 hinges at £20


bonboniereLarge French silvered glass bonbonniere. Perfect condition. Stunning piece. 42 cm high, 33 cm wide. ALREADY PURCHASED

JC wardbroe cpdwrobe 2Pine country cupboard, painted in grey, with fielded double doors that close with a metal clasp at the top of the door. Three newly fitted shelves and deep blue painted interior. PURCHASED

For example:
2 doors at £70 each
1 handle at £25
3 shelves at £55 each
1 top at £50
1 base at £50
2 sides at £35 each
6 back panels at £25 each


verrePair of French silvered glasses. ALREADY PURCHASED


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